This is one of the best training places I have seen. I had my German Shepherd puppy with Kaye-Nine Training School for a week and got back a beautifully well-trained puppy! David works with your dog and more importantly YOU too. I was told the dog is easy, the owner not always so. That was true in my case, but David’s patience paid off and even this “old dog” learnt enough to handle her good dog! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Gunilla Halpurn

Kristen HayesBrockton, MA

David recently began training with our 3 year old golden, Nauset. We were having a tough time because she was extremely high energy with no boundaries or limits. We tried 3 different trainers with no luck. David was wonderful and was really generous with his time. You can tell he really cares and is so knowledgeable. I am happy to say that life with Nauset has dramatically improved. She now listens to us and is like a new dog, you can tell she thinks before acting now and respects our limits. I would highly recommend David Kaye of Kaye-Nine Training School to anyone looking for a dog trainer as he worked miracles for us!

Jessica Robidoux
Milton, MA

Mary CoeCanton, MA

I own a second generation “no kill” family kennel / shelter that is a 47 year old business. I have known David Kaye of Kaye-Nine Training School since 2009. That is when he first called me looking for training work. I have had many trainers come through here but David is the only one that I have maintained a long term relationship with and I recommend him every chance I get. He is a new age trainer rather than old school. Instead of relying on old school, over bearing techniques and methods that dominate and demoralize, he instead focuses on repoIre and awareness with our dogs and understands how to use pleasure along with compulsion in a very effective way. He has been successful in modifying behavior with some of our most driven and aggressive dogs as well as our most sensitive and cerebral ones. He has donated countless hours for the welfare of our animals and has been especially attentive to our “lifer” pits who are unlikely to find a loving forever home do to drive issues. I continue to work with David and would highly recommend him to anyone that needs help developing a well adjusted relationship with their pet. He is passionate about his training and is a great teacher of method as well. Thanks for all of your hard work David!

Bill Murphy
Great Scott Kennels Inc

Sylvia KilgoureEaston, MA

I recently adopted a five-year-old Cocker Spaniel from a shelter in the South. He was well behaved and got along extremely well with people, however after a few months I started noticing that Willow had aggression issues with other dogs. He would become very confrontational to the point where he could potentially harm himself or another dog. After a while this behavior started to become extremely concerning. On recommendation, a friend suggested that I reach out to David Kaye of Kaye-Nine Training School. Prior to meeting David I thought that Willow’s aggression would never be broken, however during our first session I could see a difference right away in his behavior. Not only did David teach Willow to overcome his aggression issues, he also provided me with techniques and behaviors on how to deal with specific situations. This in turn allowed me to manage my behavior and know how act as leader of the pack and gain control. I can honestly say that had it not been for David Kaye and his years of experience with dog training I truly believe that Willow would still possess aggressive tendencies and I would still be struggling to keep control. David is the dog whisperer and I would highly recommend him and his work. He is truly an individual that is committed to the well-being of you and your animal.

Judah Rema
Sharon, MA

Gregg Wahhab

I moved from a house into an apartment with my two dogs. Their barking became a problem for the neighbors and the dogs needed more exercise now that they lived in a more confined space. I could not control the barking and I was afraid to take them to the dog park because of behavior issues. David made a quick and accurate diagnosis of the situation and helped me to stop their barking and successfully introduced them to the dog park. He showed me step by step behavioral techniques and commands. They are no longer barking and they are ecstatic to go to the dog park without issue. David offered me, in clear, concise language a way to move my dogs to better behavior. He showed me how to be dogs’ leader without being too dominating and the good behavior I needed followed. David was responsive to our needs, making himself easily available both by telephone and in person. His intervention was greatly needed and very helpful. I would recommend David Kaye without hesitation to anyone looking for help in managing their dog.

Ellen Weinstein
Sharon, MA

Katie Majeski

I think the bottom line here is that I do not dread walks with our pup anymore thanks to David. We had tried several trainers, and they just didn’t work for our pit bull mix. David taught me how to handle her, kept her for several days for training, and the change was enormous. It gets better every day. Our dog loves him, and loves going to daycare and boarding. I just highly recommend giving David a shot with your dog.
Joanna Morgan

IIona D

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