Private on location or Private at our state of the art facility in Norwood, MA

Personalized sessions. We can help you evaluate the type of training and schedule that will work best for you and your dog. We have helped hundreds of dog owners improve their relationship by using proven techniques and positive reinforcement methods. Our approach is simple, effective and an enjoyable experience for dogs, owners and their families.

We teach you and your dog formal commands including performance heel, sit and down with assumed stay, redirect and off leash recall and we cover a wide range of behavior modification, as needed, to help with:

• Aggression
• Shyness, fear, phobias
• Separation anxiety
• Housetraining and other elimination issues
• Compulsive behaviors
• Guarding people, toys, food
• Jumping, pulling, chewing, nipping

First Appointment / Evaluation – $225

We evaluate your dog. We begin a process of training you. We work your dog. It lasts approximately 90 minutes. We make specific recommendations from there.

Board and Train – $175 per day

All we need is your dog, their food and proof of vaccination.

Formal Command to a Leash – $850

No jumping, pulling, barking excessively, growling or biting. Redirect, Heel, Sit and Lie Down. Pleasure based recall.

Signature Full Off Leash – $1,850

Any time. Any place. Off leash performance.

Socialization and Fulfillment Therapy – $100 Per Day

For unbalanced dogs. Drive work that improves a dogs fear and or aggression. It builds confidence and reduces sensitivity to things that make them nervous.

Day Care / Pack Training / Adventure Pack – $50-$75 Per Day

Depending on frequency and location.

Boarding – $75 Per Calendar Day

Half day when picked up before 9AM or delivered after 5PM

Dog walking – $30 Per Half Hour

Dog walking – At your location.

CGC Evaluations – $100

AKC Canine Good Citizen