Imagine only needing to say a command once, in a pleasant tone, regardless of the environment!

Freedom — For You And Your Dog

Private training on-location or at our state-of-the-art facility in Norwood, MA

Good dog training is all about joy and freedom for your dog. It’s about that moment the leash is taken off and your dog begins to run with playful abandon while still under your complete control. That’s what David Kaye’s Kaye-Nine Training School is all about: high-performance functional control with a very happy dog. We take the joy and freedom your dog gets at the dog park and extend it into everyday life with manners and complete off leash control.

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About Kaye-Nine Training School

We teach you and your dog formal commands including performance heel, sit and down with assumed stay, redirect and off leash recall and we cover a wide range of behavior modification, as needed, to help with:

• Aggression
• Shyness, fear, phobias
• Separation anxiety
• Housetraining and other elimination issues
• Compulsive behaviors
• Guarding people, toys, food
• Jumping, pulling, chewing, nipping

Kaye-Nine Training School – Where High Performance Is Commonplace.

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