Kaye-Nine Training School

bigstock-German-Shepherd-sitting-in-fro-20176568It is our philosophy that creating the best long term relationship with your dog should be based on positive interaction and consistency over time.  Having good command of and giving good leadership to your dog can often deter unwanted behavior problems as well as facilitate faster future learning.

While we recognize that there are many different types of training methods that work, Kaye-Nine Training School focuses on and encourages the use of positive reinforcement training techniques. We also provide our students with an overall education on correction and negative reinforcement. Although our bias is toward the use of positive reinforcement, we believe instruction which incorporates a variety of training methods and ideologies will provide for the most comprehensive education.

At Kaye-Nine Training School we believe that high performance control behavior in high distraction environments should have a high probability of success! While your dog’s drive may vary, it is clear that the higher your dog’s prey, play, food or defensive drive, the more important performance control becomes to avoid accidents or mishaps.  At Kaye-Nine Training School we have mastered that illusive balance between high performance control and pleasure. Yes we can have high performance and a happy dog at the same time!  Let us show you how.

Seven golden rules:

It is up to you to continuously communicate with your dog. Let them know when they are doing well and when they are doing poorly. Dogs won’t learn through osmosis! Part of good communication is being able to repoire well with your dog using only touch and sound.  That is to say you can make your dog feel really good any time by just speaking to and touching them.


If you are not teaching the right thing, you are teaching the wrong thing, because you are always teaching something. Most of all problem behaviors are inadvertently taught, trained and reinforced by their handler without the handler ever knowing it. Often it takes a knowledgeable third party to make you aware of some of the bad things you may be teaching by accident then turn them into a positive.

You are the leader, your dog is the follower — there is no room for equality in your relationship. No two in the pack are equal. It is important to establish yourself as a leader or the "alpha dog" early.

Be consistent with your commands and demands.  Consistency is the most important factor for the best long term results.

Right & Wrong

Your dog often does not know the difference between right and wrong behavior, so don't assume that they do.  All responses are conditioned responses and are not based on knowing right from wrong.

Make sure your dog always knows and understands why they are being corrected. You cannot train the right behavior by correcting the wrong behavior. You must take the time first to train the right behavior with reward and pleasure before you give compulsion for a mistake.

Always reward proper behavior with the appropriate pleasure.